Here are some of MARK & LONA’s latest bestsellers for the cold weather season.
Simple and stylish designed items are becoming popular. If you have one of those items that goes with everything, it is sure to be very useful. Please take a look.

MARK & LONA - Aveux Spounge Jacket | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Aveux Spounge Jacket | WOMEN
  • This zip-up blouson combines sporty materials with classic details such as down and ribbed knit. The left chest features a skull print and a double MARK & LONA logo charm below it, while the upper back features a MARK & LONA logo print. The neck is made of knitted ribs to reduce cold wind penetration. The compact, fitted silhouette gives a minimalist impression. We recommend coordinating this item with the skirt (MLW-2C-AE36) made of the same material.

    A mix of cardboard knit material with moderate puffiness and a fine, beautiful surface texture and an elegant taffeta material with stretch properties. The back, sleeves, and side parts, which require a wide range of movement, are made of a highly stretchable cardboard knit, the upper front is made of down, and the lining is made of a highly stretchable windproof knit. This material provides both ease of movement and warmth, supporting a more comfortable round of golf.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AD36


  • This jacquard knit skirt features an impressive super BIG logo. The distinctive ribbing with a different pitch makes this piece stand out from its surroundings. The left skirt has a jacquard CODE logo, the right back pocket has a triangle CODE logo charm, and the left back hem rib is embroidered with the color-coded CODE logo. The slit at the front supports smooth leg movement, while the calculated design creates just the right amount of slack. The silhouette is high rise for a stylish look and tight to the body line.

    Dull rayon filament and stretch nylon are twisted into a cord-like yarn, and then twisted in two more processes to create a more expressive yarn. It has a comfortable kick-back but matte texture with a drapey feel. The ribbed knit fabric is used throughout to follow various movements, allowing for stress-free wear during rounds.

    Style No. MCW-2C-AE53


MARK & LONA - Deux Crew Neck Sweater | MEN

  • MARK & LONA - Deux Crew Neck Sweater | MEN
  • This pullover knit has a sporty look with a large border line design. The circle skull and MARK & LONA logo are boldly expressed in jacquard on the front and back. A metallic white circle skull badge shines on the left chest.

    The deep color and texture are expressed by dyeing after knitting. The pattern has an elegant silhouette and gives us easy swinging since there is a little of room in the body width.

    Style No. MLM-2C-AB03


  • These simple five-pocket pants are made of thick, bouncy ponch fabric. The warm wool fabric gives these pants a warm, casual feel. Logo-engraved tuck buttons at front, metallic triangle CODE logo charm at left front loop, logo engraved rivets at pocket openings, and triangle CODE logo embroidery at back pockets. This mid-rise has a smart silhouette that takes advantage of the material's characteristics.

    Ponch fabric with the quality feel of wool and the fullness of acrylic is used. The fabric has warmth retention and moderate stretchability, allowing you to wear it stress-free despite its sharp appearance. The inside of the belt is made of slip-resistant tricot. It prevents the hem from sliding up even when worn with a shirt in and improves the fit around the waist. A pocket with a zipper on the left side stands out for its glossy appearance. Small items such as tees can be stored in this pocket. We recommend coordinating this item with a jacket (MCM-2C-AJ50) made of the same material for a smart-casual set-up look.

    Style No.MCM-2C-AT54