MARK & LONA has officially unveiled its Autumn/Winter 2020 collection under the theme of the “Golden Age”.

This luxurious and nostalgic design is inspired by the American dream of the 1880s.

MARK & LONA’s AW 20 focus apparel design features a Hollywood vintage map in the 1887. Using Swarovski crystals and Tie-dye technique to highlight the California scenery.

The brand-new signature items features geometric herringbone patterns. Other golf accessories such as caddie bags include leather and rainbow skull patches and the SHERIFF badge in western movies.

Latest Disney items “MONTHLY OF DISNEY knit collection” is developed every month with famous cartoon characters such as "The Three Little Pigs", "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "STAR WARS".

This is an innovative collection that highlights the catchy graphics and functionality such as 4-way stretch suitable for golfing winter. Materials are carefully selected to provide flexibility for a golfer while maintaining the design of eye-catching graphics.