Including newly stand golf bag whit the large M & L pattern

Finding the right golf bag could help you make the difference when it comes to organising and planning your game. And much like you get fit for your golf clubs, it’s equally as important to “fit” your golf bag to your style of play.
In order to play golf round comfortably, we feature our recommended golf bags.
Please take a look our latest golf bags available in a wide variety of types.


MARK & LONA - U.T.N.Y Stand Bag

  • MARK & LONA - U.T.N.Y Stand Bag
  • Newly shaped stand-up caddy bag. The large M & L Pattern is printed on a base of No. 8 canvas expressed in a chambray shape made of laminated cotton and recycled polyester. It is a new type of shape for MARK & LONA, consisting of pipes made of aluminum material. The upcycled material is made from recycled fabrics that were to be discarded in consideration of the environment. The classical impression of the body material is combined with the bright accent color of synthetic leather and gold metal, resulting in a combination of elegance and glamour. The combination fabric is made of two colors of synthetic leather with natural grain. The durable and noble surface texture enhances the luxurious feel of the main fabric. The leather base of the circle skull badge on the front has a high-end emblem printed in foil with a gold logo. On the side is a large logo in thick print.

    Style No. MLS-2D-SC31


  • This cart-type caddy bag is made of glossy enameled synthetic leather with a neon-colored marble pattern printed all over. A logo patch made of silicone material is sewn onto the front pocket, and a metal plate poured with epoxy resin is attached to the magnetic pocket on the back. The combination fabric on both sides and the hood is textured with synthetic leather that is perforated all over and has a 3D logo. The result is an edgy, luxurious finish. By combining with wear using the same pattern (MCM-2D-AD52, MCM-2D-AT55), a stunning total coordination can be completed. 47" club compatible full set type 9 specifications, 7 split dividers. Overall weight 4.9kg.

    Style No. MCS-2D-SC62


MARK & LONA - Gauge Camo Stand Bag

  • MARK & LONA - Gauge Camo Stand Bag
  • Cart-type caddie bag in the upgraded standard camo jacquard series "PREMIUM GAUGE CAMO SP". The jacquard fabric using CORDURA® yarn, used as the main material, is a functional material that is strong against tearing and abrasion. It can be used safely in tough situations while maintaining a luxurious and glamorous appearance. The combination is made of metallic enamel fabric, and the front logo features an openworked circle skull metal badge and a foil-stamped print, creating a stylish design with a luxurious feel typical of MARK & LONA. The front pocket for small items can be easily opened and closed with a magnetic closure, and an open pocket with a cold-insulating function, large enough to hold a 500ml plastic bottle, is placed on the side of the pocket on the lower front side. The handle, also located on the lower front side, is integrated with the pocket to create a sharper, more refined form. All metal parts of the strap are covered to prevent entrapment, adding safety and a sense of luxury.

    Style No. MLS-2C-SC02

HORN GARMENT - Archives Trolley Golf Bag

  • A NEW cart model (with casters) is now available for the popular HORN GARMENT CADDY BAG. The synthetic leather material with a grainy feel is printed with an ARCHIVE pattern that incorporates new VINTAGE taste motifs. The piping is designed to stand out with a pearlescent luster. The mouth part is made of long fur to protect the club.

    A variety of pockets to meet the needs of players, including a pocket made of a cooling material, a suede pocket for valuables, and a large-capacity pocket for rainwear, shipping covers, and other items. These pockets support comfortable play.

    Style No. HVS-2C-SC06

  • HORN GARMENT - Archives Trolley Golf Bag