These selection is basically designed to offer simple and clean items with color pallete of black and white, bringing together the iconic motif of MARK & LONA.

11columns Cart Bag

  • A cart-type caddy bag that combines a monogram with a logo expressed in fine glossy dots and a metallic material. A logo with a minimal design is placed in a lean form that makes the most of the space. The handle part at the bottom of the front is integrated with the pocket. The built-in shape makes the overall form sharper. With a stamped logo on the front and a metal plate with a circle skull, it is simple and luxurious, and can be matched to various coordination.

    Metallic enamel material is used everywhere in the chic design, which is composed entirely of monotone, to give a sharp and sophisticated impression. A pouch with a removable wallet chain is in the side pocket, and the design is like wearing a silver accessory, further enhancing the sense of luxury. The pouch is removable and can be used as a tea holder or marker holder. The front pocket for small items is magnetic and can be easily opened and closed. The total weight is 4.6kg, and the mainstream 9inch mouth frame size. The pocket has an inner pocket that can store small items in detail, so you can use it functionally. A cover to prevent entanglement is attached to the metal part of the strap to enhance functionality and luxury.

    Style No. MLS-2A-SC32


  • A cart-type caddy bag with a realistic marble pattern printed on the matte synthetic leather. Silicone logo patch is sewn on the front pocket. A metal plate filled with epoxy resin is attached to the magnetic pocket on the back. The combination fabric of both sides and the hood is colored with matte synthetic leather, and the logo is placed with 3D embroidery. It has a monotone and luxurious finish. Full set type 9 type specification for 47 inch club, 7 divisions. Overall weight 4.7kg.

    The popular marble pattern is expressed in a newly designed cart type. Using the straight line of the fastener that passes diagonally, it is incorporated into a smart and geometric design. In addition, it is equipped with multi-functionality comparable to the Tour Pro model. The magnetic pocket on the front has a cold and heat insulating function that allows a 600 ml PET bottle to fit vertically. The lower front pocket is a zipper that opens wide and round, making it easy to take out what's inside. There is also a mesh pocket inside, so you can store small gears in small pieces. In addition, double-structured zipper pockets are placed on both sides.Inside the pocket that overlaps the top, there is also a mesh pocket and a key chain. On the back, there is a magnetic valuables pocket made of brushed material and a pocket with a depth that opens wide in a round shape. Bulky items such as shoes can be taken in and out smoothly. The sub-handle attached to the bottom of the front pocket demonstrates functionality while being integrated with the bag body. All shoulder belts Naskan come with a cover. The point is the tape puller with the Naskan-style logo that can be removed and used as a strap while preventing clothes from getting caught.

    Style No. MCS-2B-SC12

Bishop All-Terrain Jacket | MEN

  • An all-weather ML_TECH 3L rain jacket ideal for the hot and humid rainy season. The balance of excellent waterproofness and breathability (*) controls the comfort inside clothes. The circle skull on the front, the brand logo on both sleeves and back, and the "GOLF OR DIE" logo on the hood are printed. A plancer button with a logo engraved on the cuff tabs and front placket, an elastic cord with a logo on the hem, hood, and the mouth of the storage bag, and seam tape with a brand logo print on each joint. The length is slightly longer to cover the intrusion of rainwater and wind around the hips. The hem and cuffs are equipped with an adjust function to adjust the silhouette, reduce the intrusion of cold air and wind, and suppress fluttering. In addition, since the hood is built in the stand collar part, it can respond quickly to sudden rain. The left and right sleeves have zippered short sleeves and can be attached and detached. Comes with a pouch made of the same material that is convenient to carry.

    Adopted the most advanced fabric with breathable waterproof function of "Komatsu Matere" which has both sensitivity and functionality. It is a material that has excellent vertical and horizontal stretchability, water repellency, wind resistance, breathability, flexibility, and is easy to clean. Two large front zipper pockets for easy access, a waterproof zipper with waterproof specifications, and an inner zipper pocket on the left inside. You can safely store small items that are in trouble if they get wet.※Water pressure resistance 30000mm (98kpa), moisture permeability 15000g / ㎡ (B-1 method)

    Style No. MLM-2A-AL21


  • An elegant dress for adult women that uses see-through material for the decolletage. The CODE logo print on the left chest see-through part, the triangle type CODE logo charm on the tip of the left collar, and the plancer button with the logo engraved on the front. We are particular about the fit and flare silhouette that adopts the side panel switching pattern that builds a feminine body line. The cap sleeve that makes the shoulder width look delicate is also a point.

    We use threads that have a see-through prevention effect, and use original materials that express a three-dimensional lattice pattern by knitting technology. Comes with a camisole-type petticoat that can be worn as an inner.

    Style No. MCW-2B-AO51

11columns Green Walker FL Mid | MEN and WOMEN

  • Middle-cut type studless sneakers with a punched pattern and textured synthetic leather upper material. Mirror-finished circle skull metal badges on the sides and skull studs on the back. It is a finish with a sense of quality and presence due to its simple functional beauty. Adopted a free lock system that is worn by turning the dial and tightening the wire. You can easily loosen and tighten it repeatedly, and you can intuitively adjust the appropriate ankle hold feeling unique to the middle cut. By designing the toe guard to cover the eyelet stay, lateral vibration during swing is reduced. Increased stability.The original sole uses a clear outsole material that is characterized by its sticky softness. Star-shaped spikes with complex irregularities and height differences capture the grass firmly and help you play functionally on golf courses in various conditions. What you can see through the clear sole is the circle skull logo that represents MARK & LONA. The midsole also has a box logo, which hides a casual playfulness that can be seen and hidden after a shot or when walking.

    By expressing the whole in one tone, a pair that has a sharp and minimal impression. The insole is a high-resilience specification with a gel material, and while using it, it adapts to the shape of the user's foot under load and fits perfectly as a foot only for that person. The mouth is designed for comfort and hold. The back and heel of the tongue are made thicker to prevent the shoes from rubbing and support a comfortable walk. Waterproof (no water immersion for 4 hours by standing still in 4 cm of water). It comes with a tote bag that can also be used as a storage bag for shoes, making it convenient to carry around in practice areas. It is a pair that is also appreciated as a gift because it is wrapped in a highly airtight and luxurious outer box.

    Style No. MLS-2A-SS32


  • Brush up the punch fabric that has become a staple in the CODE series. We have improved the material to be softer and lighter, and finished it as a sun visor that fits your head better. The front is decorated with the same color as the main body fabric, the presto logo, and the metal charm of the triangle, expressing sharpness and elegance in a simple design.

    A magnetic ratchet is used for the adjuster, and the sharp appearance and intuitive functionality make the technology feel. It is an item that can be used in unisex in both design and size.

    Style No. MCF-2B-FC55