Motivate yourself with cute accessories

Motivate yourself with cute accessories

The use of accessories is essential for a fashionable round.In this issue, we will introduce cart bags as well as stylish gloves and sun visors.

MARK & LONA - HIve Mini Bag

  • MARK & LONA - HIve Mini Bag
  • This clear bag comes with a logo printed dynamically on the outside pocket with a cooling pouch attached to the outside pocket. Vector camouflage pattern is printed all over the silver fabric. The cold storage pouch can be removed and used as a cart bag. A skull silicone patch is placed on the back.

    The size of the bag is large enough to hold four 500ml plastic bottles. The cold storage pouch is made of two layers of clear sheet and mesh, and has a ring-type puller so that it can be easily opened and closed even with gloves on. The mouth of the bag also has a magnetic hook for intuitive opening and closing. The interior of the pouch has a hanging pocket that can be used to hold a coolant to further enhance its cooling function. The interior is seamless, so there is no need to worry about liquids leaking outside. It is also recommended to use it together with the ice bag of the same pattern.

    Style No. MLS-3B-SB41

MARK & LONA - Gauge Camo Mini Tote

  • This is a boat-shaped cart bag from the "PREMIUM GAUGE CAMO SP" series, a classic camo jacquard series. The main body is made of lightweight and strong hollow-fiber Cordura® nylon. The solid jacquard material has a raised pattern. On the front, an openwork-like circle skull metal badge is placed. Original Jacquard tape is used for the mouth frame and handles. There is a zipper pocket on the back as well, allowing you to separate items that you want to take out quickly.

    With a cold/warm retention function, convenient for rounds. By sandwiching a sheet with cold/warming retention effects between the inner lining core material, it is designed to easily maintain the temperature of beverages. The inside pocket is loaded with features necessary during play, such as a pocket that can hold two balls and a tee insert. A zipper pocket and a pocket for small items are also located to allow you to divide your belongings into smaller pockets. With a top zipper, there is no need to worry about the inside being visible or spilling out. It is available in four colors: the new ICE GRAY, GREEN, DARK NAVY, and the standard JET BLACK.

    Style No. MLS-3A-SB02

  • MARK & LONA - Gauge Camo Mini Tote

MARK & LONA - Ezekiel Glove | MEN and WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Ezekiel Glove | MEN and WOMEN
  • Ladies' golf glove with anniversary circle skull printed in gorgeous gold color. This two-handed glove can hold a firm grip even for weak female players, and is also a nail-cut type that can be worn without stress even by those with long nails. The velcro portion has skull studs with a strong presence, and the metallic tape at the mouth of the footwear is accented.

    Monotone-based smooth type synthetic leather fabric is used. It features a stretchy and soft fabric texture. A tricot transition has been added for smooth movement even when the hand is rounded for an even better fit and comfort. The rubber material grips the grip firmly and the 2-way stretchy spandex fabric keeps the hand firmly in place at the moment of impact. Available in two sizes, 19 and 20, for ladies.

    Style No. MLS-3A-SG12

MARK & LONA - Royal Stud Sunvisor | MEN and WOMEN

  • A luxurious sun visor with rich shiny round studs and sparkling metallic embroidery. A striking metallic embroidered patch with a crown motif is attached to the front. The tip of the visor, which has a different fabric texture, has an array of dome-shaped studs. The design is heavy with hooks and has a great impact.

    Mainly made of plant-derived, environmentally friendly acetate, the material has a grainy feel. In addition to moderate moisture absorption and desorption, it is characterized by moderate elasticity that prevents wrinkling. The crown with a firm core fits the head. The adjuster tape can be stored in the excess portion, allowing for a neat and tidy fit.

    Style No. MLF-3A-FC10

  • MARK & LONA - Royal Stud Sunvisor | MEN and WOMEN