The theme of 2023SS collection is El Dorado.
Vividly colored items in early summer green are now available!
From the 2023SS collection themed on the legendary "Golden Land".
We introduce sneakers accented with rainbow gradations and T-shirts and polo shirts made of eco-friendly materials.

MARK & LONA - Dimention Camo Sleeveless Polo | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Dimention Camo Sleeveless Polo | WOMEN
  • Sleeveless polo shirt made of corrugated cardboard with a delicate georgette appearance and fully printed graphics, available in two patterns.
    Pattern 1 A dynamic 3D version of the classic camouflage pattern. The entire surface is printed with an inkjet print.
    Pattern 2 Silver and gold original tees are randomly arranged to create a dynamic graphic polo.

    Crystal stones are placed in an iron skull design on the left chest, with a metallic plate with logo engraving below it, a metallic logo charm on the collar tip, and metallic embroidery of a swinging skull on the side. The placket is decorated with stone-embedded logo engraved shell buttons. The main body fabric features high stretch and kickback, as well as the moisture absorbency and breathability of polyester. The regular fit, with a little room in the body, has an elegant silhouette and a pattern that allows for easy swinging.

    Style No. MLW-3B-AP07

MARK & LONA - Patriot Pleats Skirt | WOMEN

  • Elegant pleated skirt with a pleated hem that flutters lightly as you move. It has brand logo engraved dotted buttons on the front, a metallic mini charm with logo engraved on the belt loop, and logo embroidery on the right back pocket. Just-waisted, the base is a trapeze silhouette that naturally expands from the hips to the hem. It has a transitional design so that you don't have to worry about it billowing up when swinging, and the square lace hem creates a cool impression.

    Adopts 4-way stretch material produced by Baldman, a textile manufacturer in India. The highly stretchable Indian long-staple cotton is used for excellent comfort. The waist is made with elastic invel for durability, dimensional stability, and comfort. The material combines all the features that support the golf swing and provides high performance. Includes inner pants for mini-length comfort.

    Style No. MLW-3B-AE06

  • MARK & LONA - Patriot Pleats Skirt | WOMEN

MARK & LONA - Jamming Polo | MEN

  • MARK & LONA - Jamming Polo | MEN
  • This hybrid style polo shirt is a cross between a natural deer fabric tailored in high stretch and sporty details. The left chest features a three-dimensional silicon print of the signature logo, while the sides feature metallic embroidery of a swinging skull and a placket is decorated with logo-engraved plunger buttons. The body and shoulder area are roomy, while the sleeves are sharp for a sophisticated style.

    This fabric is made of a polyester material with excellent 2-way stretch properties, while having the appearance of a natural wooden pattern. It excels in moisture absorption and quick-drying properties, and offers a lightweight fit for a comfortable playing experience. The collar, placket, and cuff backs are ribbed with the same yarn color. The sporty color scheme provides a contrasting effect.

    Style No. MLM-3B-AP11

MARK & LONA - Twoism Shorts | MEN

  • Hybrid shorts in futuristic clear material crossed with popular chino material. The shorts have a "Golf or die®" logo print on the right side, a woven circle skull design patch on the hem, a woven airplane motif on the left patch pocket, a woven jacquard logo on the side of the right patch pocket, and a mini charm with an engraved logo on the loop. The middle rise has a mid-rise and is made of stretchy material. The mid-rise has a smart silhouette that takes advantage of the stretchiness of the material.

    The slightly thin chino fabric is an eco-friendly material made from recycled polyester yarn. It has moderate stretchiness and excellent moisture absorption/desorption and quick-drying properties. The waist cord is a 2-way design that can be tied either outside or inside depending on whether or not a belt is worn. You can enjoy your favorite styling.

    Style No. MLM-3B-AT13

  • MARK & LONA - Twoism Shorts | MEN