Outstanding Shoes & Shoes Bag and Socks

Outstanding Shoes & Shoes Bag and Socks

Shoes & socks are known as items that reveal their individuality. If you want to complete stylish fashion, you need to pay attention to shoes & socks!
In addition, a golf shoe case is a necessity for golfers, as it reduces damage to the shoes rather than putting them straight into a bag.
We prepared outstanding Shoes & Shoes Bag and Socks.
Get ready quickly for style!

MARK & LONA - Indy Stud Green Walker | MEN and WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Indy Stud Green Walker | MEN and WOMEN
  • Sticky and soft material that allows for a firm grip on the ground. Star-shaped studs with intricate uneven high and low profile firmly capture the turf and functionally help you play on golf courses in a variety of conditions. The box logo is also on the midsole. Shining through the original clear sole is the BIG MARK & LONA logo and camouflage in colors that work with the main body. The striking design is visible and hidden after shots and when walking. The insole is highly resilient with gel material, and as it is used, it adapts to the shape of the user's foot through weight and stepping on it, fitting the foot perfectly. The insole is designed to provide comfort and hold the foot in place. The back of the shoe tongue and the heel are thicker to prevent shoe soreness and provide a comfortable walking feel.

    Style No. MLS-3B-SS21

MARK & LONA - Aerosol Green Sneaker | MEN and WOMEN

  • These low-cut spikeless sneakers feature an all-over print of a graphical logo reminiscent of street art. The entire surface of the durable and lightweight synthetic leather is embossed with a Ruler Pattern consisting of skulls and logos. The overall shape is classic and clean, and the simple yet elegant design matches MARK & LONA's luxurious coordinates. Comes with a drawstring type storage bag.

    This product is based on a classic type of low-cut sneaker, and the instep is lower than the type with a voluminous upper design. If you have a significantly high instep or wide width, we recommend that you choose a size 1cm larger.

    Style No. MLS-3B-SS23

  • MARK & LONA - Aerosol Green Sneaker | MEN and WOMEN

MARK & LONA - Vector Layerd Shoes Case

  • MARK & LONA - Vector Layerd Shoes Case
  • Dual-layered shoe case with clear sheet and mesh. The top synthetic leather is dynamically printed with the logo and a silicone patch of a skull. The interior is made of clear sheet for easy care and constant cleanliness, while eyelets (doves) on the sides ensure ventilation.

    The entire interior is printed with a vector camouflage pattern, and when the lid is opened, the pattern spreads over the entire surface. The zipper pull is ring-shaped, making it easy to use even with gloves on.

    Style No. MLS-3B-SB42

MARK & LONA - Pulsar Socks | WOMEN

  • Color scheme design low crew socks. Circle skull design on the side and brand logo near the toe are each expressed in jacquard. The color-coded lines on the ribbed cuffs are a key point. The colors are easy to match with various coordinates.

    Low crew (12cm) length. The use of cotton-blend yarn with good water absorbency keeps your feet comfortable when they tend to perspire easily.

    Style No. MLF-3B-FS70

  • MARK & LONA - Pulsar Socks | WOMEN