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한국분들을 위해 MARK & LONA에서 준비한 가을/겨울 아이템

급격하게 추워진 날씨, 가을/겨울 라운딩을 위해서 준비하였습니다.
좋은 스코어를 위해서는 스윙의 움직임도 편안해야합니다. MARK & LONA 는 착용감과 신축성이 우수하여, 편안한 플레이가 가능합니다. MARK & LONA 만의 감성을 담아, 골프 패션 스타일링까지 멋스럽게 연출 가능합니다.
MARK & LONA 는 당신의 라운딩을 더욱 가치있고 고급스럽게 만들어드립니다.

MARK & LONA prepared for the autumn/winter rounding, which has become rapidly cold. For a good score, the swing movement should also be comfortable. MARK & LONA has excellent fit and elasticity, helpful to play comfortably. You can even style your golf fashion with MARK & LONA's unique sensibility.
MARK & LONA makes your rounding more valuable and luxurious.

MARK & LONA - Atlas Wool Fleece Tech Crew Top | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Atlas Wool Fleece Tech Crew Top | WOMEN
  • This boa fleece pullover jacket is made of high quality wool and has a strong presence with the brand logo expressed in jacquard. It has a metallic 3D circle skull patch on the left chest, a chain circle skull charm on the back collar, brand logo tape on the pocket zippers, and a woven label on the left cuff that precisely expresses this season's theme on a rapier loom. The pattern is designed to allow for an elegant silhouette and easy swinging, with a bit of room in the body width. The left side zipper closure makes it easy to put on and take off. Sleeves and hem are functional rib material with lightweight and excellent fit.

    Outer fabric: A special order material from TEXAPEL (Italy) is used. This original boa fleece (*) is made of high-quality New Zealand wool and is extremely lightweight and warmer than it looks. Lining: High-performance lining with antistatic and stretch properties is used for the body and sleeve lining. It also has excellent water absorbency, reducing discomfort caused by perspiration and maintaining a comfortable fit.

    Style No. MLW-2D-AC05

MARK & LONA - G.O.D Hybrid Down Top | MEN

  • This half-zip pullover features state-of-the-art down fabric and a revolutionary two-layer construction for superior thermal protection. The brand logo is embroidered on the chest, a BIG iron skull is embroidered on the back, "Golf or die" logo is printed on the right sleeve tip, cord stoppers with logo print on the collar and hem, and plunger buttons with logo imprint on the cuffs. The pattern has an elegant silhouette with a little room in the body, allowing for an easy swing. The high collar, spindles at the edge of the collar and hem, and size-adjustable tabs at the cuffs are all designed to prevent wind from entering the garment. It is recommended to be worn with the set-up design pants (MLM-2D-AT16).

    Body: Made of POLARTEC® "Wind Pro" fleece that boasts warmth retention, breathability, and high wind resistance. It is made of quick-drying and lightweight polyester, while the 4-way stretch ensures a wide range of motion. Yoke and outer sleeves: High-stretch nylon fabric with excellent durability is embossed with a delicately rendered vector camo print; the two-layer jacquard construction eliminates the need for stitching to stop the down, so there is no unwanted down blowout. It is also eco-friendly, as down items can be made with a minimum number of parts.

    Style No. MLM-2D-AC06

  • MARK & LONA - G.O.D Hybrid Down Top | MEN

MARK & LONA - Atlas 1/2 Fleece Top | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Atlas 1/2 Fleece Top | WOMEN
  • This half-zip mock neck innerwear features an eye-catching bold color scheme design. It is made of high-performance fleece material that provides the best touch and warmth. Because of its elegant silhouette with a little room in the body width, it can be worn as a single piece of clothing as well as an inner layer on cold days.

    Highly stretchable, multi-functional super micro fleece material is used. Converts moisture and perspiration into heat and retains heat. It releases excess moisture and keeps you comfortable at all times. Sewing is made with "ELECUT®" sewing thread, which has a semi-permanent electrostatic reduction effect.

    Style No. MLW-2D-AC06

MARK & LONA - Médoc Alpine Fleece 1/4 Zip Top | MEN

  • This half-zip pull-on fleece features a striking color scheme design for a casual look. The zipper pull has a circle skull charm and logo print tape, an iron skull embroidery on the left chest, and 3D embroidery on the back in the shape of the fleur de lis (=lily flower), the theme motif of this season. A roomy silhouette is adopted for undergarments. The raglan sleeves ensure a wide range of motion around the shoulders, while the hem and cuffs have a stretchy binder finish for smooth on/off and to prevent wind penetration.

    Thick fleece fabric that can hold a lot of air between the fibers is adopted. It features high heat retention and the lightness of polyester material. It also supports comfortable play with its high kickback power. We designed the color scheme to match the styling of various items this season. Please enjoy it with a wide range of coordinates.

    Style No.MLM-2C-AC04

  • MARK & LONA - Médoc Alpine Fleece 1/4 Zip Top | MEN