Starts Online Size-fitting Service

MARK & LONA starts Online size-fitting service
What Size Are You? Perfect fit every time


Finding the right size and fit has always been the biggest problem shoppers have online. We knew there had to be a better way.

MARK & LONA Global Online Store launches Online size-fitting service unisize, that helps customers find their right size.

No need to register, Online size-fitting service "unisize" allows you to check the image of your body shape and the clothes you have on hand in as little as one minute.

  • Compare item sizes
Our online dressing room lets shoppers compare the size of a product with an item they already own and trust will fit.

Try items on (AI & Smartphone)
Shoppers can create a digital silhouette and try items on to see how they actually fit. It's the fun of fashion shopping, minus the guesswork.

  • Create a wardrobe
Shoppers can manage all their past purchases in one place and take it with them wherever they shop online.

No need to register as a member to use this online fitting support service, which allows you to find out the best size for your body type just by answering a simple questionnaire in about a minute.

  1. Click on the banner on the product page.*If the banner is not displayed, the item is not unisize compatible.
  2. Enter your basic information.
    Please enter your gender, height, weight, age, and the brands and sizes that you often use.
  3. Confirm your image of wearing the item.
You can also log in to unisize and register your clothing information so that you can compare it with the products you are considering.
You can check the silhouette of the item you want to wear based on the information you entered.