Women's Sleeveless Tops & Dress

Let's style the Sleeveless tops & Dress for GOLF

MARK & LONA released a new sleeveless tops & dress in this season. It’s a stretchy sleeveless tops/dress with built-in shorts designed for golf, but stylish enough to be worn outside of sport.

Nova Sleeveless Tee | WOMEN

  • A mock neck sleeveless T-shirt that can be worn elegantly. A thick print that symbolically combines swing skull x iron skull x brand logo is applied to the front, and this season's lettered logo print is expressed in dot-shaped gradation on the back. Taking advantage of the high stretch material characteristics, the just-fit silhouette that reduces extra gaps to the utmost makes the body line look beautiful.

    Uses the most advanced functional material "VITA" that Italy Carvico is proud of. It is a high-spec material with anti-friction, chlorine resistance, UV function (50+), quick-drying, breathability, and perfect fit. Sustainable fabric made of recycled nylon sublimates waste issues as a fashion solution. It is super resistant, thin yet soft, and stretchable. The back body is made of a material that gives a cool feeling due to the heat of vaporization caused by the evaporation of water. A high cooling effect can be expected due to the special cooling thread. The cooling effect lasts even after washing, and the heat and sweat generated by layering are quickly diffused. The best outfit for summer golf.

    Style No. MLW-2B-AA02

Gaze Sleeveless Polo | WOMEN

  • A sleeveless polo with a collage of a lettered logo and various motifs on a high-spec camouflage pattern jacquard material. The knit color is embroidered with the 3D box logo, the left chest is decorated with a 3D circle skull emblem, and the placket is decorated with a metal button with the logo engraved. We have adopted a regular fit pattern that allows for an elegant silhouette and a comfortable swing while giving a little space to the width of the body.

    Using several types of polyester yarn, we have developed a special material with an elegant luster and unevenness. Lightweight and dry touch jacquard material supports a comfortable round. The knit color logo embroidery, which is three-dimensionally designed by skillful technology, and the screen print that makes the best use of the texture of the fabric are fused to create a design with a strong presence.

    Style No. MLW-2B-AP11

Este Polo | WOMEN

  • A sleeveless frilled polo with an elegant atmosphere. The signature collection logo is embroidered on the left chest. It is a silhouette of the waist fit flare line that you can aim for a style-up effect.

    It is made of bare cotton, which is elastic and feels great against the skin. The frills on the front create a cute and mature impression.

    Style No. HHW-2A-AP53

Vision Polo Dress | WOMEN

  • A short-sleeved polo dress with discerning graphics. A retro-styled pattern, gradation, and diagonally designed stripes are mixed with the message of "NICE ON" to create a piece that is full of originality. The placket has details that double as a classic sunglasses holder. The brand name is attached to the right sleeve and back pocket.

    Digitally printed on polyester material that absorbs water and dries quickly. It has a dry texture while being smooth to the touch, and a comfortable wearing feeling is maintained. The waist is moderately shaped to create a feminine silhouette just by wearing it.

    Style No. HCW-2A-AO09

Archive JQ One Piece | WOMEN

  • One piece of HORN GARMENT's classic archive pattern. A new model that mixes the season theme "VACATION", and is full of happy motifs. It creates an active atmosphere just by wearing it.

    An original material expressed in jacquard using polyester thread and cotton thread. It has a soft touch and the water absorption and quick-drying property peculiar to cotton polyester material.

    Style No. HCW-2A-AO15