Our favorite Sleeveless tops & Shorts

Our favorite Sleeveless tops & Shorts

Investing in a trending sleeveless shirt and simple shorts set will allow you to show off your sense of Summer style without the hassle of finding two pieces that loosely go together before your round. Whether it be a monochromatic look or a set with unifying accents, sleeveless tops & shorts are a great way to add easy and stylish outfit options to your Summer golf wardrobe. Here are some of our favorites to shop as the golf season ramps up.


  • A sleeveless polo with a dynamic graphic print on the entire surface. The right side of the placket has a super thick print of the CODE logo, and the tip of the left collar has a triangle-shaped CODE logo charm. Adopted a regular fit pattern with a slightly narrowed waist while giving a little space to the width of the body. It has both an elegant silhouette and ease of movement when swinging. It is the first place to realize a healthy skin-showing style with American sleeves as a point.

    Innovative functional material "SPIDER" of Italy CARVICO is adopted. Due to the micromesh structure made of polyester, it has a natural moisture wicking property and keeps the skin dry while preventing the growth of bacteria that cause bad odors. In addition, it is highly breathable and dries quickly after washing, and stretching in all directions supports a comfortable round.

    Style No.MCW-2B-AP53

Gauge Roll Up Shorts | WOMEN

  • The brand's representative "TM camouflage" jacquard material has been renewed for the spring / summer season. Roll-up shorts that have a glossy feel, high color development, and light weight while maintaining a fit style. Dot button with logo engraved on the front, tea holder with logo on the left thigh, logo print on the rolled-up right hem, circle skull embroidery on the left rear pocket, ring with logo engraved on the left side belt loop, crocodile embossed on the rear band I arranged a metallic faux leather patch.

    Middle rise tight fit silhouette. Made from high quality stretch jacquard material with polyester morphological stability, light weight, moderate stretchability and a more refined luster. The hem can be rolled up to adjust the length to your liking, and the playful design reveals the logo when folded twice. With the hem extended, you can wear it as a beautiful silhouette culottes. The ring parts with engraving that are convenient for attaching a ball pouch, and the holder that can directly insert and store the tee are also enriched in terms of functionality. A rubber inbell is used for the waist to pursue durability, dimensional stability, and comfort.

    Style No. MLW-2A-AT13

Gaze Sleeveless Polo | WOMEN

  • A sleeveless polo with a collage of a lettered logo and various motifs on a high-spec camouflage pattern jacquard material. The knit color is embroidered with the 3D box logo, the left chest is decorated with a 3D circle skull emblem, and the placket is decorated with a metal button with the logo engraved. We have adopted a regular fit pattern that allows for an elegant silhouette and a comfortable swing while giving a little space to the width of the body.

    Using several types of polyester yarn, we have developed a special material with an elegant luster and unevenness. Lightweight and dry touch jacquard material supports a comfortable round. The knit color logo embroidery, which is three-dimensionally designed by skillful technology, and the screen print that makes the best use of the texture of the fabric are fused to create a design with a strong presence.

    Style No. MLW-2B-AP11

Jota Roll up Shorts | WOMEN

  • Roll-up shorts from the resort collection centered around 70's flowers and vintage club retro and iconic motifs. A logo print on the right lapel, a neo bar with a circle skull engraved on the front, a logo engraved ring on the left rear belt, and a hibiscus embroidery on the right rear pocket. It is a bottom that is ideal for the golf scene, betraying the authentic look, using a high-performance material that has lightness and stretchability not found in conventional chino materials, and quick-drying that absorbs sweat and releases it to the outside. .. It is also useful for summer activities other than golf.

    A 2-way bottom that can be worn as shorts by rolling up the hem, or as a beautiful silhouette culottes when stretched. With just waist, the hips have a moderate amount of space, and a pattern that allows you to swing comfortably is adopted. Coordinating with a knit vest (MLW-2A-AB06) or polo shirt (MLW-2A-A06) with the same hibiscus embroidery is recommended.

    Style No. MLW-2A-AT12

Este Polo | WOMEN

  • A sleeveless frilled polo with an elegant atmosphere. The signature collection logo is embroidered on the left chest. It is a silhouette of the waist fit flare line that you can aim for a style-up effect.

    It is made of bare cotton, which is elastic and feels great against the skin. The frills on the front create a cute and mature impression.

    Style No. HHW-2A-AP53

Joint Up Cordy Shorts | WOMEN

  • High stretch corduroy bush shorts. The left hem is embroidered with the signature logo that symbolizes this season, and the right back pocket is embroidered with the logo. Bush type design with folded hem.

    High-quality cord material using Toray's ultra-fine nylon thread "Micro Premier". It is thinner, softer and smoother than cashmere, providing a soft feel.

    Style No. HCW-1C-AT19