Stylish Shoes & Socks

Stylish Shoes & Socks!

Want to look stylish? Pop on a pair of shoes & socks.
Shoes & socks are known as items that reveal their individuality. If you want to complete stylish fashion, you need to pay attention to shoes & socks!
Wearing them will make your look more fashion, not less.
Get ready quickly for style!


  • While the voluminous design looks heavy at first glance, the effective combination of materials achieves a surprising lightness. The insole is made of "Ortholite," which is light and has an antibacterial and deodorant effect. EVA material is used for the midsole to enhance cushioning, and countless rubber material studs are placed on the part where it is placed on the ground to grip all the lateral force during play. The shank (core material inside the insole) is made of lightweight, highly resilient carbon material. No extra force is required when walking. In addition, the laces use the latest FREELOCK system. By designing the wire to go around the laces and heel counter, the ankle and heel hold performance is outstandingly enhanced.

    Style No. MCS-3A-SS51

MARK & LONA - Gauge Green Walker ZiP Low[CORDURA®] | MEN and WOMEN

  • Sticky, soft material that allows for a firm grip on the ground. The star-shaped spikes with complex uneven elevation differences firmly capture the turf and functionally aid play on golf courses in a variety of conditions. The box logo is also on the midsole. Shining through the original clear outsole is the MARK & LONA BIG logo and camouflage in colors that work with the main body. The striking design is visible after every shot and when walking. The insole is highly resilient with gel material, and as it is used, it conforms to the shape of the user's foot according to their weight and steps, and fits their foot perfectly. The insole is designed to provide comfort and hold the foot in place. The back of the shoe tongue and the heel are thicker to prevent shoe soreness and provide a comfortable walking feel.

    Style No. MLS-3A-SS02

  • MARK & LONA - Gauge Green Walker ZiP Low[CORDURA®] | MEN and WOMEN

MARK & LONA - Tribes High Socks | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Tribes High Socks | WOMEN
  • High socks with lines are now available as a new standard item. The brand logo is expressed in jacquard with skull embroidery on the side.

    High socks (40cm) length. The height of the left and right lines have been changed to create a new, unprecedented design. Toes and heels are woven with pile to absorb shock during play. The use of water-absorbent cotton-blend yarn keeps sweaty feet comfortable.

    Style No. MLF-3A-FS46

HORN GARMENT - Classic High Socks | WOMEN

  • Women's high socks with impressive side logo jacquard. The vintage-like logo design is mixed with a pop border color scheme.

    The sports-casual color scheme makes it easy to match with all-pattern skirts and solid-color shorts.

    Style No. HCF-3A-FS04

  • HORN GARMENT - Classic High Socks | WOMEN