This is what you need for the hot summer.

The days of high temperatures and strong sunshine are continuing. Summer is just around the corner! Here are some items we recommend for those who want to play a round of golf in style and comfort. MRAK & LONA items are sure to look great on the green.

T.T.G.>I Sleeveless Polo | WOMEN

  • A sleeveless polo shirt that uses a special material that gives you a nice cooling effect in the summer. A delicate print expresses the motif of "cult-style clock without second hand", which is a symbol of the season theme "TIME TRAVELER" on the left chest. The same icon is also designed on the back with a bold print that combines metallic glitter. The knit color is firmly knitted with striking lame, keeping beautiful lines during play. We have adopted a regular fit pattern that allows you to swing comfortably while giving the body a little space.

    Uses a material that gives a cooling sensation effect due to the heat of vaporization due to the evaporation of water. A high cooling effect can be expected due to the special cooling thread. It is the best outfit for summer golf because it keeps you feeling cool even after washing.

    Style No. MLW-2B-AP14

Mojo Boogie Shorts | WOMEN

  • Retro mood shorts with embroidered cords in a symbolic design. Circle embroidery button on the front, piss name with jacquard logo on the front end of the belt, flower motif code embroidery on the front pocket, brand logo embroidery on the left hem, M and L initial code embroidery on the back patch pocket, left back The belt loop has a metallic logo engraved ring and attention to detail. The middle rise gives the hips a moderate amount of space, and the silhouette naturally spreads toward the hem. It does not make you feel stress when playing.

    Uses a casual-looking compact twill material with a vintage finish on the surface. Not only is it stretchable, but it also has the property of being difficult to see through even in light colors, and has an ultraviolet protection function and excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties. It is an item that keeps you comfortable and comfortable without disturbing any movement during golf.

    Style No. MLW-2B-AT14

Banned Tye dye Stretch Shorts | WOMEN

  • Shorts made from cotton-like nylon material. Tie-dye dyeing type and plain type are available. The side zip is a combination type of white and yellow, and the left hem is embroidered with a neon yellow logo. The waist is made of rubber and spindle, so it is stress-free and comfortable to wear.

    It is characterized by using nylon fabric that is easy to handle while having a soft cotton-like texture. It's an easy care item that can be rolled up into small pieces and carried around, so it's recommended to put it in a bag as a change of clothes.

    Style No. HCW-2A-AT14


  • The popular marble-like real marble pattern polo has been renewed and reappeared. A silicon sheet pocket with the CODE logo on the left chest, a super three-dimensional print of the text logo under the back collar, and a plancer button with the logo engraved on the front. The chest pocket is made using a special crimping technique and can store tees, markers, etc. Adopted a pattern that allows an elegant silhouette and a comfortable swing while giving a little space to the width of the body. Furthermore, by adding gusset parts that continue from the body under the sleeves, it follows the big movement around the sleeves. We have adopted an epoch-making mechanism that prevents the hem from slipping up when swinging.

    Uses a super stretch mock rody material that dries quickly, has a dry touch, and expands and contracts according to body movements. It features a technical structure with excellent covering power (morphological stability). We have brushed up popular items into a more comfortable and sporty design.

    Style No. MCM-2B-AP54

Do Matter Polo | MEN

  • A polo shirt with a relaxed silhouette that has become a new standard, expressed in a color scheme. Not only can it be used for a wide range of styling, but it can also be worn in one piece. Gradation-like metallic iron skull on the left chest, silver-plated snap buttons on the placket, jacquard tape with the brand logo on the cuffs, and skull swing embroidery of metallic thread on the right side. With a sophisticated style with sharp sleeves while leaving room for the body and shoulders, the body itself is silhouetted to give a sharper impression.

    We have renewed the original material that represents the brand, which has both casual texture and functionality. The front side is made of cotton and the back side is made of dry-touch recycled polyester yarn. The quick-drying property of DRY FAST processing keeps you comfortable. The front is a snap button type that can be easily attached and detached, and is stress-free when putting on and taking off. A discerning design with a stitch in the center of the back and a discreet accent to the back style.

    Style No. MLM-2A-AP03

Jota multiple Shorts | MEN

  • Chino shorts with a design that goes well with any tops from the resort collection that revolves around the retro and iconic motifs of 70's flowers and vintage clubs. Brand logo print on the left hem, logo ring on the left back belt loop, and hibiscus embroidery on the right back pocket. It is a bottom that is ideal for the golf scene, betraying the authentic look, using a high-performance material that has lightness and stretchability not found in conventional chino materials, and quick-drying that absorbs sweat and releases it to the outside. .. It is also useful for summer activities other than golf.

    It features a lightness like swim shorts and a relaxed silhouette. The waist part with a belt loop is rubberized, making it an easy specification with an excellent fit. The waist cord is a 2-way type that can be tied inside or outside depending on the presence or absence of a belt. You can enjoy your favorite styling. Coordination with a pullover (MLM-2A-AC03) with the same hibiscus motif and a polo shirt (MLM-2A-AP07) is recommended.

    Style No. MLM-2A-AT12

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