Update your spring wear with Polo and Mock-neck!

Update your spring wear with Polo and Mock-neck!

The coldness is easing little by little, and golf wear is about to shift from long sleeves to short sleeves.How about changing your style this spring and enjoying a fresh look with a shirt with a collar or mockneck?

MARK & LONA - Gauge Sheer Sleeve Polo | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Gauge Sheer Sleeve Polo | WOMEN
  • See-through short-sleeved polo shirt in MARK & LONA's popular camouflage jacquard material. The chest features a glittery lamé logo and four-hole buttons with a metallic logo engraved on the placket. The regular fit pattern allows for an elegant silhouette and easy swinging, while the body is slightly roomy. Coordinates well with shorts (MLW-3A-AT02) made of the same material.

    Uses MARK & LONA's standard material, which is made of several types of polyester yarns and has an elegant luster and uneven texture. The lightweight and dry-touch jacquard material supports a comfortable round of golf. The seam from the sleeves to the body is made of high-stretch see-through fabric. The see-through fabric has just the right amount of sheen and smooth drape, and is breathable and comfortable against the skin as it follows your movements. The moderate transparency adds a feminine accent.

    Style No. MLW-3A-AP05

MARK & LONA - Prince Stud Polo | MEN

  • This luxury polo sparkles with rich, shiny round studs and metallic patches. A metallic patch with a crown motif on the left chest and metallic embroidery of a written logo on the right sleeve. The body and shoulder area are roomy, while the sleeves are sharp, creating a sophisticated style.

    This item is made of a cotton-polyester fawn material with a crisp feel reminiscent of linen. In addition to its high stretchability and lightness, this hybrid functional material combines the moisture absorbency of cotton with the quick-drying properties of polyester. We recommend styling it with the vest (MLM-3A-AD05) and pants (MLM-3A-AT06) with similar details such as round studs and crown motifs.

    Style No. MLM-3A-AP03

  • MARK & LONA - Prince Stud Polo | MEN

MARK & LONA - Lunar Syn Mock Neck | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Lunar Syn Mock Neck | WOMEN
  • Mock-neck short-sleeved T-shirt with powdery touch and comfortable material that follows any movement. The front has a super-firing logo in the same color as the main body fabric, and the left cuff has an iron skull print. While giving a little more room in the body width, the panel line on the front side creates a vertical line, allowing for an elegant silhouette and easy swinging. In addition, a small slit at the neck creates a clean impression around the face, and the relaxed fit design is ideal for practice scenes while also having a style-enhancing effect.

    This item can be worn alone or with lightweight outerwear, and is very versatile.

    Style No. MLW-3A-AA02

MARK & LONA - Jaded Mock Neck Top | MEN

  • The classic one-point T-shirt with iron skulls has been updated with sportier raglan sleeves. The brand logo print on the collar, 3D type iron skull print on the left chest, sporty brand logo print on the back, and "Golf or die" logo and circle skull logo design pithnames on the right cuff. While the body has a moderate amount of room, the shoulders and sleeves are sharply finished to create a sophisticated style. In addition, the collar is set to a soft fit to create a sportier impression.

    Ultra-high gauge, compact-finish cardboard knit material is used. This dry-touch material is characterized by its stretchiness and wrinkle-resistant bounce. The collar is made of a stretchy mesh material that softly wraps around the neck. Can be worn as an inner layer or as a single piece for rounds.

    Style No. MLM-3A-AA05

  • MARK & LONA - Jaded Mock Neck Top | MEN