• 【 "I AM WHAT I AM" 】
      I AM WHAT I AM" is an item with the message "I AM WHAT I AM" that expresses the wish for people to value their own individuality and beliefs without being misled by their surroundings.
      Two types of items will be available: an oversized mock-neck T-shirt and a cap, both of which can be worn by both unisex customers.
      In addition to the donations and support activities that we have been engaged in, we have launched the "One-Click Charity Program," in which users can choose where they would like to donate their money to in order to participate in building a sustainable future.
      There are six recipients of donations, including medical aid, environmental aid, humanitarian aid, and disaster relief, and all you have to do is click on the recipients you are interested in supporting when purchasing products.
      MARK & LONA launches "ABSTRACT COLLECTION" based on the concept of sustainability. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan to support Ukraine, which is facing a serious humanitarian crisis amidst the chaotic international situation.
      The "ABSTRACT COLLECTION" includes the "Hyde & Seek Upcycle Polo," a remake polo made by upcycling surplus fabrics and unused parts, and the "TARMAC ABSTRACT MID (eco bag set)," remake shoes that were released in March 2021 and sold out instantly. All items, including the "Hyde & Seek Upcycle Polo" polo and the "TARMAC ABSTRACT MID (eco bag set)" remake shoes, which were released in March 2021 and sold out instantly, are one-of-a-kind pieces remade with sustainability in mind. The lineup includes many items with elaborate details such as colorful colors, season-specific patterns, brand logos and other prints, and tapes.
      MARK & LONA is providing emergency support to the people of Ukraine in the hope that they can receive support as soon as possible to help them in their daily lives, and in the hope that they can find peace.
    • 【 "Vaccinated Collection" 】
      To support the New Corona Vaccine Supply Program, MARK & LONA will donate a portion of the proceeds from the launch collection to Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance (Gavi), whose mission is to "deliver 1 billion vaccines worldwide.
    • 【Charity model "Flamingo" to support Pink Ribbon activities】
      This charity wear was created to support the Pink Ribbon, which raises awareness for the early detection of breast cancer.

    • 【HAWAII WATER" collaboration polo shirt】
      A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of the collaboration polo shirt will be donated to the activities of "WaterAid Japan", a non-profit organization.

    • 【Original Mask "One Another Mask"】
      Made in Japan's original mask released in June this year.
      10% of the sales of 「One Another Mask」 is donated to「Japan Heart」, an international medical NGO from Japan that supports medical care in Japan and the world.
    CUBE Co., Ltd., which works MARK & LONA, is striving for social contribution activities for a future that continues to develop in all fields such as economy, environment, culture, and medical care.
    In addition to providing support activities such as donating part of the profits from regular events to earthquake or typhoon-hit areas, we are actively providing support through institutions and organizations around the world.