Unite team Jacket
Unite team Jacket
Unite team Jacket
Unite team Jacket
Unite team Jacket
Unite team Jacket
Unite team Jacket
Unite team Jacket

Unite team Jacket


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Stretch nylon rain jacket. The "Wave'n Sun" logo, which symbolizes the brand, is printed on the left chest, the PERFORMANCE logo is printed on the back, and the brand motif is printed on the collar. Uses stretch nylon rain material with excellent water resistance and breathability. Seam tape is applied to the seams to prevent water from penetrating inside. The back has ventilation details using mesh material.

A rain jacket that has simple yet convenient functions and firmly expresses the brand's identity. The sleeves are removable with dot buttons, so you can enjoy short-sleeved styles according to the climate and mood.

How to care
[Washing method]
・ Please use the laundry net or turn it over to wash.
・ Do not wash colored and white items together.
・ When ironing, use a cloth and avoid ironing the printed part.
・ Please avoid using bleach and detergents containing bleach.
・ Do not stack with other laundry when wet.

* The print of this product is a specially processed product. It is not permanent and will easily come off if rubbed or rubbed, and will become slightly thinner with repeated washing and cleaning. Please be careful when handling.
* Be careful not to rub the bag more than necessary when wearing it.

[Notes on polyurethane resin products]
This product has a unique luster and texture by coating the surface of the fabric with polyurethane resin.

・ Wipe off light stains with a cloth dampened with water.
・ Avoid excessive friction, which may cause the coating to peel off or lose its luster.
・ Please note that the surface of the fabric may be scratched if it is hooked with a sharp object. -Since polyurethane resin is sensitive to heat, avoid leaving it in the trunk room of a car, which tends to get hot, for a long time as it may cause yellowing or deformation. -Polyurethane resin may deteriorate over time and the coating may peel off. To make it last longer, avoid high temperature and humidity, store it in a place not exposed to light, and occasionally ventilate it in the shade.


WS 60 37 48 57/71
WM 63 39.5 51.5 59.5/22.5
SM 71 50 56 62/23.5
LXL 79.5 53 60 65/24.5

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