Supper Polo | MEN
Supper Polo | MEN
Supper Polo | MEN
Supper Polo | MEN
Supper Polo | MEN
Supper Polo | MEN
Supper Polo | MEN
Supper Polo | MEN
Supper Polo | MEN
Supper Polo | MEN
Supper Polo | MEN
Supper Polo | MEN
Supper Polo | MEN

Supper Polo | MEN


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This oversized polo features a dynamic print of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece "The Last Supper". A metallic skull patch on the left chest, the 15th Anniversary gold name on the left hem, and four-hole plated buttons with the logo engraved on the placket add gorgeous accents to the bold print. The oversized silhouette has a trendy feel with the length and neck circumference kept to the same size. The hem is adjustable to prevent flapping (using a cord with logo), so it can be worn bottom in or bottom out.

Polyester material with a fine mesh structure. It has natural moisture absorption and wicking properties, keeping the skin dry while preventing the growth of bacteria that can cause bad odors. Its high air permeability allows it to dry quickly after washing, and its omni-directional stretchability accommodates a variety of movements during play. It supports a comfortable round of golf.

How to care
·Please turn it inside out and use the laundry net.
·When ironing, please apply a cloth and avoid ironing the attached parts.
·Please do not iron the printed parts directly.
・ Do not wash with other items when washing.

※ This product uses some resin.It may deteriorate over time depending on usage.
※ Please be careful when wearing and storing this material because it may change color if it is exposed to strong sunlight (or lighting) for a long time.
※ The print of this product is a specially processed product.It's not permanent, and when rubbed or rubbed, it falls off easily, and it becomes slightly thinner by repeated washing and cleaning.Please be very careful when handling.
※ There is a risk of color transfer to other clothing items, so please take up space and store it on a hanger.
※ Due to the characteristics of the material, it is a very delicate product, so please be careful that it may be torn if excessive force is applied when wearing or attaching it.
※ Those with coarse tissue, unevenness on the back, loose tissue, and protruding threads on the surface tend to get caught out of carelessness.Please be very careful when handling.
※ Special processing has been applied to the crimped area.The crimping process is not permanent and may come off or come off due to repeated wear and maintenance.Please be very careful when you take care of it.For washable items, please turn them over and use a net to avoid irritation to the crimping area by hand washing.
※ When wearing it, be careful not to get caught with rough surfaces such as belts, backs, and surrounding walls.
※ Accessories and watches can cause thread fraying, so it is recommended to wear them after wearing them.


44(S) 66 48.5 54 26.5
46(M) 68 50 56 27
48(L) 70 52 59 29
50(XL) 72 54 62 29

Size & Fit
Model is 186cm and wearing size LARGE.

※The color and size of items you see online are different from the actual thing.

●MAIN:82% Polyester, 18% Polyurethane

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