Atlas Glove
Atlas Glove
Atlas Glove
Atlas Glove
Atlas Glove
Atlas Glove
Atlas Glove
Atlas Glove
Atlas Glove

Atlas Glove


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A left-handed golf glove with a gorgeous metallic color. The design is studded with MARK & LONA's attention to detail. A circle skull plate is placed on the band made of glitter material, and a logo pith name is sandwiched between the band and the glove. The back of the hand has a logo print incorporating the season's theme. The metallic material on the fingertips and metallic piping from the opening to the band tie the whole look together. This item has a luxurious presence and goes well with a variety of coordinates.

Two-tone tricot fabric with excellent omni-directional stretch. Available in six sizes, from 9 to 25.

[How to care]
・Please do not overlap with other laundry while wet.

※ This material may change color to other clothing or underwear when it gets wet due to friction (especially wet conditions), sweat or rain.Also, please be careful when wearing it and storing it as it may cause discoloration if it is exposed to strong sunlight (or lighting) for a long time.
※ Please do not store in a car under high temperature and humidity conditions as inside the car.When storing, please do not overlap with other clothing.
※ Due to the nature of the printing process, it is not permanent.Repeated wear and maintenance may cause cracks or falling off of the printed part.Please be very careful when handling.
※ Please note that excessive expansion and contraction of the printed part and irritation may cause damage to the printed part.

S(22~23) 22 15
M(23~24) 22.5 18
L(24~25) 23 20

※The color and size of items you see online are different from the actual thing.

●MAIN:67% Nylon, 33% Polyurethane

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